Here are 10 useful websites that can be source of information to Malaysia entrepreneurs, and the wannabe. The list is not exhaustive; there are many other resourceful ones out there you can find. Click the titles to be directed to the websites.

1. SME Info

SME Info consolidates the latest info, news and updates about the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) and the industry development. It provides insight on various aspect of SME development which include advisory services, financing, training program, business and networking, both by the government and private sectors. SMEinfo is run by the Bank Negara, which is the Secretariat to the National SME Development Council, NSDC.



2. SME Bank

Established in 2005, SME Bank or Bank Perusahaan Kecil & Sederhana plays a role as a financial institution for Malaysia entrepreneurs. Currently, the bank offers 5 types of financial loans, as well as other complementary services, which also include business advisory and consultancy. Website visitors will be able to get key information such as the nearest branch whereabout, submitting inquiries as well as getting the latest announcement on new programs.



This is the website belonging to the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development. Useful articles, downloads, information and links to other websites are available. But perhaps the more important info available is the latest event, training and seminars that entrepreneurs can join. Interested entrepreneurs can register for various types of programs such as training for complete business newbies, specific business training (e.g. food, services, trading and so on). Quite convenient.



When incorporated in 2001, MAVCAP was given an allocation of RM500 to be invested in the development and nurturing of entrepreneurs in the technology sector in Malaysia. Looking from another way, Mavcap is an investor, or a venture capitalists that will help financially challenged start ups through capital investment. Those who are seeking funds, especially those in fast growing technology industry are encouraged to make friend with the website.


5. Malaysia Franchise Association

Either you intend to buy a franchise right, or plan to grow your business through franchise system, this is the place you need to be at. The MFA website lists down franchise companies which are registered with them in their directory, and as such provides aspiring franchise entrepreneurs with a wide range of choices. It is also one of the websites in the list that gets updated on frequent basis, and here, they deserve some praise.


6. Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia (SSM)

To build a business, you need to register your business, or company. Where else if it is not with SSM? The better news is, you now have the option to register or renew your business online rather than lining up in a long queue. Comprehensive guidelines are provided for those who have never registered a business before, which details out the processes and procedures, as well as pricing information for different types of registration. And if you still can’t get everything, there’s always the ‘contact us’ menu!



SMIDEC or Small and Medium Industry Development Corporation was established more than 10 years ago, as an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). SMIDEC provides grants, incentives and loans to business start ups, and ventures for specific industry and sector such as Product & Process Improvements, Certification and Quality Management System, Development of Halal Product, Product Packaging and so on.


8. e-Perolehan

e-Perolehan was developed to become an electronic procurement system to allow suppliers sell their products and services through an online system to the government and the government agencies. By registering your company with e-Perolehan, you are able to participate in the procurement exercises by the government, submitting your quotation, and bidding for tenders. The system currently works on 4 modules, namely Registration, Central Contract, Direct Purchase and Quotation & Tender.


9. MSC Malaysia


For those who are developing IT-based company, you might be wondering how you can obtain an MSC status for your company and enjoy a host of privileges that includes pioneer status, tax exemption, accessibility to grants, excellent research and development facilities and so on. MSC Malaysia website is the place. Details of what you need to do, how you do it, why doing it and success stories of other companies are shared in details in the web.


10. Cradle Investment Program

Cradle Investment Program or CIP is pre-seed fund, and is actually administered by one of the bodies mentioned above, which is MAVCAP. It began with 2003 and is aimed to help those technology driven companies developing proof of concepts, prototypes and plans which have never been commercialized before. That’s why it is called pre-seed fund. The program with the CIP today is that, there is huge allocation but only few takers! Perhaps you should take this advantage.