In 1928 a few Indian merchants dealing mainly in spices, textiles and other commodities founded the Chamber of Commerce, growing from humble beginnings to the influential and prestigious organisation it is today. The first President was the late Mr. R.E. Mohamed Kassim who together with other early pioneers like the late Haji Peer Mohamed, Mr. V.O.K. Ganapathi Pillai and Mr. Ismail Ghaney Rawther, led the Chamber in its modest activities until the outbreak of Pacific hostilities in 1942 when the Japanese armed forces occupied the country.

KLSICCI safeguards the Malaysian Indian community's varied business needs and matters of urgent concern. KLSICCI is ever cognizant of and pro-active regarding the nation's fat-paced economic development and hence functions as an all-important Government-Private Sector link. KLSICCI strives for the equitable implementation of Malaysia' economic, trade and fiscal policies and apportionments whilst playing the increasingly needful role of being an ever-vigilant mouthpiece for the trade and commerce needs of our Malaysian Indian Business Community (MIBC). KLSICCI's stellar role and dynamic performance in furthering trade and commerce activities has officially gained recognition from the Malaysian Government, the trade and commerce sectors (both local and global) and also from KLSICCI's bona-fide entrepreneurs. We also extend our hand of win-win business collaborations and smart partnerships with a view to fostering mutually benefiting business joint-ventures - both on the local front and in the international business arena.


KLSICCI is striving to be the foremost Trade and Commerce-centric Business Chamber and the premier advocate for state-of-the-art Commerce and Industry-focused initiatives.


KLSICCI to pro-actively undertake business-friendly and investor-friendly Chamber initiatives, viz., Seminars, Training Programmes, Conferences, Industry-based Keynote events including organizing International Trade and Commerce Delegations, amongst others.

  • KLSICCI to efficiently and effectively coach, guide and/or facilitate all KLSICCI-preneurs to be world-class and universe-class Digitalpreneurs in view of the latest advent of the Digital Revolution (DR 1.0).
  • KLSICCI to grow from strength-to-strength, underscored by full responsibility and impeccable accountability in promoting and executing industry-based best practices in trade and commerce.
  • KLSICCI to pro-actively embrace the ground-breaking emerging new-tech and high-tech creativities plus innovations including Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), Smart Cities 5.0 and Super Smart cities 2050 initiatives in tandem with the latest in R&D initiatives.
  • KLSICCI to dynamically adopt the New Millennium's Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled applications, Embedded Systems (ES), Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics plus Cyber Security & Safety applications into the constantly-evolving modern-day business environments to be in pace with the latest.
  • KLSICCI to nurture, nourish and cherish ethical and moral world-class plus the soon-coming universe-class (with the meteoric advent of Space Tourism) KLSICCI entrepreneurs with a noble view to effect positive change towards attaining an even more sustainable future for one and all.
  • KLSICCI to seriously utilize the latest in state-of-the-art financial application packages which have incorporated in-built forensic accounting practices in order to negate the destructive incidences of business frauds, scams and commercial crimes which are seeing an alarming increase of late, transcending international borders.
  • KLSICCI to extend its Tri-Chamber initiatives to include more Chambers of Commerce and Industry (both national and international levels) which will all be based on a rock-solid foundation of mutual trust, mutual benefit and sincere win-win trade and commerce co-operation [KLSICCI was officially recognized on 10th April, 2009 by the Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber of Commerce and received an Official Certificate as a FRIEND OF KLMCC, which is under the patronage ofYAB TunDr. Mahathir Mohammad, the Grand Fellow of KLMCC].
  • KLSICCI to promote our official Suara KLSICCI (Voice of KLSICCI -- quarterlies) and KLSICCI Trade Directory 2018-2020 publications to all High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates throughout the world with a noble view in helping to foster International Trade and Commerce-based tiesand collaborations plus joint-ventures and thus expanding the renewed potential for increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs).
  • To pro-actively attend and participate in Trade and Business Exhibitions, Local and International Conferences, Trade Delegations and many other industry-led business-focused initiatives.